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Sweet Willow Massage

Jessie Bernstein-Newton, LMT, BCTMB

Jessie Bernstein offers oncology massage in Baltimore, MD
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Wellness for Life

From life to death the human body seeks wholeness, nurture, and wellness. Sweet Willow Massage & Wellness supports from the beginning of pre-conception, to the gestational experience, to birth, postpartum, to infants and children, adults, and through to the end of life.

All are safe on Jessie’s table and in the class setting.

As part of my continued commitment to the community of Baltimore and surrounding areas, I am sharing resources and information for Black birth workers who are furthering their education, their services and the organizations that are worth supporting. This link includes 3 tabs of valuable information. I hope you join me in supporting them, the work they provide and utilize their services.

Gift cards for infant massage classes and massages are available. Click here to order.

Check out the Upcoming Events for Infant Massage classes (online only at this time), Pineapple Connections (infertility/loss)

Massage & Wellness Services

I provide a variety of services for folks of all ages. My specialities are working with birthing people during their first three trimesters and their fourth during the postpartum recovery, as well as, working with those impacted by cancer.

What People Are Saying

Reviews for massage at Sweet Willow Massage in Baltimore, MD

We loved the infant massage class! Especially the techniques we learned for colic - they have really helped - I use them daily. It was so fun being around all the moms and babes. Jessie is super patient and wonderful. -C.L.S.

Reviews for massage at Sweet Willow Massage in Baltimore, MD
Jessie has the most wonderful "knowledge hands". When you feel in your body a spot that you just wish someone would touch and heal - her hands go right to it!
She is more than just a massage therapist, she provides education on how to care and support your health and wellness.
Truly life improving. -J.P.
Reviews for massage at Sweet Willow Massage in Baltimore, MD

I appreciate Jessie's calming presence, and gentle approach with guiding me to feel better through her healing touch. Jessie goes above and beyond a simple massage session by recommending local resources to assist in my holistic care. Thank you for all you do for our community Jessie! -A.R.

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A compilation of books and trusted resources nationwide to support you through this life phase.

Wellness Classes & Events

Sweet Willow Massage offers Infant Massage classes in Baltimore, MD

Infant Massage Classes

Touch empowers compassion, security, and trust. The earlier we can provide a continuous positive touch to an infant, the earlier the attachment creates a long line of constructive effects in the relationship between an infant and those that are care giving.  -$50

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Pineapple Connections Hike

We host our monthly hikes in Central Maryland on the first Sunday of the month. Times fluctuate based on the time of year. Join us for support and fresh air.

Pineapple Connections is a support group for those suffering from infertility in Baltimore, MD

Pineapple Connections Guest Speaker

We host our monthly guest speaker on the third Thursday of the month at 8pm ET. Pineapple Connections is a community with a variety of folks who have or are currently struggling to grow their family.